Contempor­ary Child-Friendly Garden

A contemporary design with white rendered raised beds, this garden was created to fit well with our clients’ modern but relatively traditional house and provide a pleasant space to sit and eat with friends and family.

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Project Details

  • Location: Tilehurst
  • What we did: Design, Construction, Planting
  • Cost: £15-20k + VAT

Our clients, who have two young children, wanted a contemporary garden with raised beds with white rendered walls and inbuilt hardwood seating – to fit well with their modern but relatively traditional house.  Our clients also wanted a pleasant space to sit and eat with friends and family, and as the garden dipped away a little at the back boundary fence, they also wanted it levelled slightly.  The garden is exceptionally wide and shallow, and already had a play station for the children at one end.

The backbone of the design is a central three sided raised bed with rendered and painted white walls, with inbuilt oak seating.  This effectively divides the garden (excluding the play area) into three distinct zones, each with its own inbuilt seat – click on the plan image to see how this looks.

The central area – accessible from the two main sets of patio doors from the house – is for dining and sitting out with friends and family.

The right hand area is more of a utility area – the washing line lives here, as does a rather impressive barbecue station.  The left hand section is a slightly formal lawn and is intended for “lounging”.  From this latter section a planted archway leads to the childrens’ play area.  To keep project costs reasonable, the existing paving was retained, and extended.

The planting in the raised beds in the central zone is fairly muted – mainly greens and whites and blues.  It is also defined by two specimen Photinia half standards.  In contrast the lounging area has more colour – in keeping with an area which is close to a childrens’ play area.  The utility area has more shade, and has enabled us the introduce some Acers that our client requested, as well as other shade lovers such as ferns, Brunnera and Garrya.

Some simple lighting has been installed to compliment the design; the only thing left now to add is a small water feature in the centre of the raised bed “complex” behind the largest / central seat.

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I’m pleased to let you know that the garden received rave reviews during our Christening party last Sunday. I gave one of the guests your details and he may be in touch soon if he hasn’t already…

Before & After

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