Bespoke Timber Structures

From outdoor rooms, sheds and summerhouses through to custom benches, pergolas, archways and fences… if it’s a timber structure found in the garden, we can probably build it!

Designing and constructing bespoke timber structures is an integral part of what we do – over the years, our highly skilled team have created numerous designs as part of our wider landscape design and construction service. Now, new and existing clients can also take advantage of our craftsmanship and commission bespoke timber structures as a stand-alone item, where no garden design or landscaping is involved.

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Everyone in the ALDA team has been friendly, hard working and extremely professional.  We couldn’t have asked for more and would recommend ALDA to anyone looking to develop their garden and outdoor space.

Why an ALDA Bespoke Timber Structure?

Sheds, pergolas, fencing… they can all be bought off the shelf from B&Q and the like. So why would you consider a bespoke timber structure from ALDA instead?

  • High quality, sensibly priced
    Mass-produced products are often inferior in quality and well-made customised timber garden structures are often very expensive. At ALDA Landscapes, we design, build and install high quality timber buildings and structures that are sensibly priced. We don’t do cheap and cheerful, but neither will be charge you through the nose simply because we are providing a high quality, customised product.
  • Tailored to you and your garden
    Useful if you can’t find what you need ‘off-the-shelf’, or just want something a little bit different, personal to you. Customisation extends to size, materials, insulation and electrics/lighting.
  • Skilfully integrated into the garden
    Our garden design expertise means we are well-placed to advise on what will and won’t work. We will work with you to create a building or structure which will integrate seamlessly into your garden. And of course, we are happy to re-design all or just part of the garden, so that the new structure becomes part of an attractive, coherent garden design.

Bespoke Garden Buildings

Like many of our clients, you might well want (or need!) to make use of your garden for things you simply don’t have room for within your home.  Whether it’s a guest bedroom, studio/office, summerhouse, gym or outdoor classroom, a bespoke timber garden building can often provide a welcome extension to your space. Even if you have bags of space inside, a secluded place to relax and enjoy the garden, outdoors but warm, cosy and sheltered from the elements, is often a very appealing idea!

Bespoke Garden Seats and Benches

From swinging seats to floating benches – seating is often the finishing touch to a garden design.

Bespoke Garden Storage and Car Ports

With careful thought, storage areas can designed to be attractive and blend well with the surrounding garden – so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. From car ports and bespoke sheds to fit an awkward space, through to log stores and bin stores – you name it, we’ve probably built it!

Timber Fences and Screening

Shutter screen fencing is stylish and on-trend – it instantly gives a modern feel to your garden. We construct/install everything from a full boundary fence through to small sections of screening for privacy or simply to hide the bins!

Pergolas and Archways

Pergolas and archways add structure and height to any garden, and are often used by designers to create a sense of flow and direction through a garden. We’ve built hundreds – and being bespoke, the materials, size and design can all be tailored to your garden.

Like what you see?

From planning a new border to a complete garden remodel, we pride ourselves on transforming ideas into beautiful reality, with minimum disruption. If you’re based in or around the Reading and Newbury area, we’d love to meet and discuss your project in detail – book your free no-obligation garden consultation today. We do get pretty booked up, particularly during the Spring, so plan ahead if possible!