Bespoke Landscape Design

Importantly, our designs start off not with drawing, but with asking questions & listening.  To create the right landscape design, we first need to understand who you are, how you live & what you want your garden for.  That’s why we always offer a free of charge, no-obligation consultation at the start of any project.

Design Proposal

After an initial consultation, you will receive your Design Proposal – outlining our understanding of your requirements, and stating what our fees will be for each possible phase of the landscape design project.  This enables you to proceed with all, or just some of the phases, as required.

Site Survey

If you are happy with our proposal, the next stage is normally a site survey, allowing us to collect the information we required to prepare designs and recommendations.

Site Plan & Designs

Based on our survey, we will create a plan and start formulating designs. Plans are completed as CAD drawings using standards easily recognisable within the construction industry. Detailed sections of the drawings will be available if requested, showing the construction method and materials required. We also prepare mood boards and sketches if we feel this will be helpful. The landscape design process is a collaborative one – we prepare drawings and run through them with you, amending them to include feedback and changes as required.

Our philosophy is one of working with our clients to produce the plans, and then the gardens, that they desire.

As part of the landscape design service, the following plans might be produced:

  • Overview / Layout Plans: Effectively master plans for a garden (or part of a garden) showing its detailed structure to scale, and incorporating new and existing aspects such as terraces / patios, water features, pergolas, walls, lawn and border shapes etc.
  • Planting Plans: Scaled drawings showing all new and existing plants and their precise locations. We provide an accompanying planting schedule, which lists all the plants, plus their sizes, quantities etc, and provides an indication of their cost – really a detailed shopping list.


Although our fees vary tremendously based on the individual garden and client requirements, it’s our policy to be as up-front as possible.  So here’s a summary of potential design fees:

Overview Plans (this includes garden survey, draft plan(s) and plan amendments)

  • Small, simple garden: From £400+VAT
  • Large, complex garden: From £1000+VAT

Planting Plans (this includes detailed, scaled drawings with an accompanying planting schedule)

  • Small, simple garden: From £350+VAT
  • Large, complex garden: From £1000+VAT

(For example garden construction fees, please see some of our featured projects).

Additional Services

In some cases, we simply provide clients with our thoughts, suggestions and recommendations as regards the layout, content and planting of their gardens. This can be a one off piece of consultancy. Sometimes an “ideas generation” phase can be a useful first stage in the design process, to be followed by more detailed plans once the client is happy that we are on the right wavelength.

We can also produce specifications and construction drawings for clients, source plants for them, and offer plant maintenance advice and guidance.

Contact us now to arrange your no-obligation consultation, or read more about our Landscape Construction services.

Alison combines a wide knowledge of horticulture with exceptional design flair and skilled draughtsmanship. She also has a friendly approach and takes great care to accommodate the preferences and ideas of clients, and is always ready to give after-sales help and advice. The results speak for themselves. We now have beautifully designed front and back gardens, and take great pleasure in the superb plant combinations that Alison created.