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I’ve been waiting patiently all year for the flow of work to slow down… and still I have garden plans coming out of my ears!!  But as we’re reaching the end of 2013, I thought it might be nice to share with you a few of the projects we’ve been working on recently.  Most of the photos below are ‘work in progress’, but give you a snapshot of what the ALDA team have been up to in recent days.  Do let us know what you think!

A garden in Bray

This was an interesting garden to design, as the front door to the house is halfway into the garden.  The photos show the garden just starting to come together, with the long slate pathway flanked by lit, variegated Box Balls (visible in the last photo, taken slightly later on).  We had rather an amusing episode when we managed to block the road with the slate delivery lorry… I say amusing; it was far from such for the few diners who were wanting to leave after their lunch at the Inn further down the road (John’s face was somewhat panic-stricken as he tried to resolve the situation!!)

The pathway leads to an entrance courtyard centred on the front door and with a glorious view of Bray church beyond – the courtyard is just now waiting the addition of a central feature.  We will hope to update with some more photos in the Spring once the planting, now in situ, has become established.

Another requirement of this garden was to provide a robust, stylish solution for garden and bike storage.  We built a custom shed and bike store, tucked into a corner behind a large Copper Beech tree and some custom built shutter screening.  We also used similar screening, painted black, to disguise some ugly pipework on the side of the house.

ALDA brickies at work…

Garden landscaping often involves a fair amount of brickwork… this time, we got a bit more than we bargained for!!  We are currently building this garage in Twyford for a long standing client who had sold part of his garden to a building company.  Said building company had agreed to build a new garage (complete with pump room for a swimming pool), but were dragging their heals and delaying the finish of the planned new garden.  Our client therefore asked us to step in and help – these pictures show the work in progress, with the landscaping of the drive and back garden to follow straight after.

An existing ALDA garden starts to mature…

We already have a few pictures of this garden in our gallery; these photos show the plants becoming established and the garden maturing beautifully.  Our client is a very keen gardener and we also spend a day a month working on the garden – happy days!

A front garden in Woodley

This may look like a lot of block paving, but we replaced even more solid concrete!  Drainage was the biggest challenge here – getting the slopes and levels right to ensure the area drains effectively.  Our client specified Victorian repro porch tiles, which we laid and sealed.


Like what you see?

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