It’s not just gardens we design and build… 2014 saw two high quality garage builds!!

ALDA in Action

Newbury Garage - Completed

Over the years, many of the landscaping projects I’ve worked on have involved brickwork and/or timber construction. As well as building many summer houses and arbours for clients, there have been some more specialist projects too – recreating an old Victorian wall for example.

But this year I’m excited that we have taken our brickwork and construction experience a step further and built two garages. Both are substantial buildings constructed from red brick, with tiled roofs. One of the garages was designed with office space at the rear.

Wargrave GarageThe photo to the left shows the first garage we built this year, in Wargrave.  The photos below (click to view larger versions) show the second garage, in Newbury, and reveal the various stages of the build of the garage with the addition of the office. The first step was to take down the old garage and to arrange for the asbestos roof to be taken away by a specialist company with a certificate provided to guarantee safe disposal.

Once we put the concrete footings in the garage takes shape! Great care is taken to match the colour of the bricks to those of the house and the same goes with the French clay tiles for the roof to make sure they blend in too. The wooden frames – see photo – reveal where the windows and side door will be positioned and also show the French doors situated at the entrance to the office giving a good indication of how the finished build will look!

It is very satisfying to see the garage completed and I look forward to building more in 2015. Of course, I couldn’t achieve this without the fantastic workmanship and building skills of my team at ALDA Landscapes!

Top tip

If you’re planning to add an extension, garage or conservatory to your property, it’s a good idea to plan the adjoining bit of garden at the same time (even if budget dictates that the garden has to wait for a bit before being constructed. Often the overall result is better this way, as you can then see the big picture from the outset – and it might even mean you adapt your building plans a little to ensure the best fit and flow with the garden. Let us know if you need some help thinking things through.

Like what you see?

From planning a new border to a complete garden remodel, we pride ourselves on transforming ideas into beautiful reality, with minimum disruption. If you’re based in or around the Reading and Newbury area, we’d love to meet and discuss your project in detail – book your free no-obligation garden consultation today. We do get pretty booked up, particularly during the Spring, so plan ahead if possible!