Be creative with wood in your garden

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Be creative with wood… installing an arbour or archway, trellis fencing or a beautiful bespoke gate – such simple additions can create stunning features in your garden.  Featured below with the aid of photos are some examples of how clients have asked us to incorporate wooden features within their garden design.

Example 1 – Open porch

Open Porch
In this contemporary feel garden we built an angular wooden frame and painted it black and constructed a black angular open porch-like wooden frame outside the kitchen door – both of these structures make a dramatic impact in the garden and compliment the black window frames and guttering of the outside of the house.
Mini Arbour
The second, tiny arbour is half way along the house; ready for a bench to be placed underneath. This photo also shows the coordinating archway, leading around the side of the house.

Example 2 – Bespoke gate

Bespoke gate
Here we were asked to fit an extra wide 4ft bespoke gate which was commissioned from our preferred fencing supplier. The simple addition of using posts with rounded shaped tops (carved from a single piece of wood) adds to the design element and improves the overall look of this section of the client’s garden.

Example 3 – Floating bench

Floating Bench1
Floating benches are becoming more popular and can provide a contemporary twist to your garden. A successful installation of a floating bench was in a garden where an oak bench was set into a block of raised white flower beds

Example 4 – Floating bench

Another example was a floating bench built against a traditional brick wall as the photo demonstrates.
Another example was a floating bench built against a traditional brick wall as the photo demonstrates.

Example 5 – Pergola walkway

Riseley Pergola-a
The wooden pergola walkway in this photo of a garden we designed and built is an effective way to show-case your favourite climbing plants and to add a special design feature in your garden. A pergola is also a way to divide your garden into different sections – in this photo the gravel path under the arbour is leading you through to discover a new part of the garden.


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