Mastering manhole covers

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Mastering the problem of a manhole cover….. manhole covers might not seem the most exciting topic when considering a new paving area in your garden but it can be hugely satisfying finding an attractive solution to what can be an ugly eyesore.  The ideal solution and one we have implemented for many of our clients is to construct a recess cover and so create a seamless transition throughout the paved area.

A recent design project in a front garden in Maidenhead is a good example of how a manhole cover does not need to spoil the look of your paving – it involved incorporating a recessed cover into the design of an Indian sandstone paved area and even though it is an extra large cover, it translates smoothly into the design.

Recessed manhole cover 1

As the photos below of other gardens where ALDA Landscapes have installed recessed manhole covers illustrate, our clients are not limited in their choice of paving materials, these can be achieved equally well when installing brick paving, Indian Sandstone, slate or whatever takes your fancy!

p.s.  What I’m enjoying in my garden this week – Rosa ‘Gwent’: a yellow ground cover rose, which is creeping up over the flower border and starting to travel along the patio.  Sitting with a cup of tea in hand at the end of the day, it’s a real treat to watch its progress!

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