A Statement Fence

Mostly when it comes to installing fences, our clients ask us to install traditional fence panels in their garden.  Last week though, on a garden design & build at Emmer Green in Caversham, we installed a decorative, statement fence.

Straight away, this catches the eye and adds impact to the garden.

The fence panels we used are from the ‘Forest’ range; the design is called ‘Europa Prague Screen’ – the panels have a distinctive integrated curved trellis at the top, giving the fence a wave like characteristic and complimenting the slope in our client’s garden, as the photo demonstrates.  This particular design is available in three heights; here we have used 1.8w x 1.8h panels, which also come with a matching gate if required.

Forest Europa Prague fence - main

The panels are made from a smooth, planed timber and the really good news is that they are pressure treated for a longer life, in fact they come with a 15 year guarantee – eliminating the need for annual re-treatment, which means one less job for you to do in the garden!

If this has inspired you to update your fence, it’s worth first checking out the many variations and choices available – why not add a design statement to your garden?!


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