The Garden Designer’s Garden – February Update

As promised in last month’s blog, here are some photos of my new back garden patio, courtyard, mini formal lawn and veggie “coffins”.

As you can see, the hard landscaping is now all finished...... and the small formal lawn is knitting together well.Next steps will be the planting of a low formal hedge around the (formal) lawn...... and the installation of a feature & low planting in the rectangular bed in the middle of the paving.We are currently researching elegant timber trough planters to sit on the gravel by the garage & house walls (shallow underground pipes here make planting in the ground impractical).We will also be returning the garden furniture to the main patio (and buying some new furniture and containers when finances permit).

In terms of the veggie “coffins”, I am contemplating buying or making some small obelisks – both to continue the formal theme and to use as support structures.

And of course, we are contemplating what to grow in them. Like most of our clients, we don’t have endless amounts of time, so will be keeping things simple this year. But I am hoping to grow a few vegetables which I cannot always find in the shops such as Treviso radicchio, and also a few courgettes – for their flowers as I am a keen cook (again when time permits)!  Runner beans are a must, although I think I might experiment with some dwarf forms in my windy site.  And a few salad leaves.  And……

Then, of course, there is all the planting in the borders between the new section of garden and the main lawn (existing).  Plans are in progress – and the planning and planting is something to be savoured and enjoyed over the coming spring and summer months.

Will keep you updated.

Happy gardening.


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