When a trellis screen can make all the difference…

ALDA in Action

A trellis screen can come in very handy.  It can effectively minimise the impact of a nearby eyesore and so improve your outlook.  At the same time it will give you greater privacy in your garden from close neighbours and can provide an attractive feature for flowering plants to attach themselves to, such as a clematis.

As a case in point, ALDA Landscapes recently installed a bespoke lattice trellis screen in a garden in Woodley.  Our client wanted to screen out the view of a nearby house and the minimise the feeling of being overlooked after some trees which had recently done this job had been cut down.

We installed an 18 inch softwood, pressure treated trellis screen onto the existing 6 foot brick wall.  This added enough height to the wall to significantly reduce the view of the nearby house.  Our client choose a lattice trellis screen, which in my opinion gives a more stylish finish than a standard, squared squared trellis screen.

What is interesting about the trellis screening we used for this job, sourced from the supplier Bouchier Fencing in Reading, was that it had to be made up in different lengths to fit the distance between the piers in the wall.  It was important to install a wooden post (2 x 2 inch) up the side of each pier to provide enough strength to take the weight of the new trellis.

Our client was pleased with the finished result which has smartened up the appearance of the wall and come the Spring, once new flowering plants have climbed up the trellis screen, the view of the nearby house will be reduced even more.

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