From sloping bank to attractive softwood sleeper terraces…

ALDA in Action

In one of our recent projects, we were presented with an interesting challenge: how to deal with an area of sloping bank whilst providing better access around the edge of a period property.

Problem: what to do with an area of sloping bank?

Our client had an area of their garden which had a steep slope close to the house. It featured a tired looking lawn which provided little interest and no planting borders.

One of our client’s main objectives in the design of this area was to shore up the steep bank so that a wide level limestone pathway could be laid around the house providing much better access.  Prior to work starting all that existed was an old sunken brick path.

How the area was transformed:

We excavated levels to suit and constructed two terraces along this bank which include generous planting beds. Softwood and planed bevelled edged sleepers which have been stained were used to create the walls of the terraces.

New steps were built leading from the driveway up to the house using bricks to match those of the house. They were then finished with the same limestone paving treads we used to lay the wrap around pathway.

Still to do:

Our next landscaping job is to lay a brick edging to create a divide between the gravel drive and the edge of the sleeper wall. The finishing touch will be planting up these large borders as per Alison’s design.

No longer is this part of the garden a featureless area – the attractive wooden terraces now provide purpose-built beds for planting, and the new steps and limestone pathway naturally draw the visitor’s attention up to the house.

Like what you see?

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