Before & After: An Eclectic Yet Functional Garden

We’ve just published a couple of new featured projects, and thought we’d highlight one of them here on our blog too with some before and after photos. If you keep regular tabs on our work, you’ll have seen this one before – we featured the sunken garden and porcelain patio a while back on the blog.

The Eclectic Back Garden

The brief: create a modern yet timeless garden in a tired mature plot, with a sunken contemporary outdoor room / bower in the far corner of the garden and a chic raised patio and terraces adjoining the house – but with all the clean straight lines of the sitting areas to be connected by the equally clean but curvaceous lines of path and lawn / borders.  Simplicity and attention to detail were key….plus a bit of contrast.

Here’s the transformation:

A Functional, but Beautifully Detailed Front Garden

The brief: The clients here wanted more space to park in a very shallow front garden, but also wanted to incorporate an almost Heligan meets Japan like courtyard area – overlooked by the client’s office window – as a feature space within the small area.  Yet again, a simple but clever design structure, and a huge amount of intricate detail (both of which we worked closely with the client on), and a project which required plenty of landscaping skills.  Note the brick detailing in the new boundary wall, the granite sett drive, and the contrast in materials – granite and porcelain, and the use of Acers, ferns and grasses (et al) in the planting.

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