A new timber car port in Bray

ALDA in Action

As well as landscaping and designing gardens we are happy to be able to offer the service of constructing timber builds such as sheds, pergolas, benches, etc for our clients. We recently completed a bespoke timber car port for a client in Bray, where we had already recently built two bespoke sheds.

The brief

The brief was to build a large and attractive timber car port which would blend in effortlessly with its surroundings. Apart from the obvious reason for the build – to provide a shelter for their cars especially in bad weather, the other pressing issue for our client was to find a solution to the problem of pigeon droppings raining down from the large beech tree above.

What we did

The car port was constructed to our client’s specifications using softwood pressure treated timber to ensure longevity. The use of shutter screen fencing along the sides of the building gives a sleek and modern appearance deflecting from its considerable size. The roof has been covered with a durable Butyl liner which we normally use for ponds. The liner comes with a warranty of 20 years and is UV protected making it a better choice than the standard felt liners normally used for shed roofs and the like.

The outcome

Our client has said how much they are enjoying using their smart new car port with the added benefit of being free of the worry of pigeon droppings! The ALDA team have also enjoyed the build as it provided a welcome break from all their recent strenuous efforts of excavating very sodden ground caused by the heavy rain over the last month. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate other skill sets. Take a look at our Bespoke Timber Structures page for more ideas and examples of our timber builds to date.

Like what you see?

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