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ALDA Landscapes has been an accredited resin installer since 2018, installing resin driveways, paths and surfaces across Reading, Newbury and the wider Berkshire area.

Resin is an ideal and increasingly popular alternative landscaping surface to paving, tarmac and concrete, so it’s about time we took a closer look…

Recent Projects | 7 Reasons to Choose Resin | 7 Reasons to Choose ALDA as your Resin Installer

Recent Projects

First off, here are some recent projects where we have used resin with stunning results:

Project 1

Project 1 is a garden in Reading where the resin adds to the contemporary look of the design. Not only is the resin used for the surface of pathways around the garden but it has also been laid to create a square patio where a water feature will be installed. Here the grey tones of the resin in the colour choice, ‘Titanium’ work well with the subtle grey of the porcelain tiles. All resin areas have been finished with an attractive edging of pale grey sandstone setts.

Project 2

Project 2 is a garden in Binfield where the resin provides an ideal surface for access around the raised softwood sleeper beds. The colour of the resin in ‘Farmhouse Gold’ complements the warm tones of our client’s limestone paving. As can be seen here another bonus of using resin is that it provides a smooth and streamlined look to the landscaping. We laid the resin on a base of Dry lean concrete and it has a lifetime colour guarantee from our supplier The Resin Mill.

Project 3

Project 3 is a resin driveway in Newbury. Our client wanted a low maintenance smart new driveway which would provide enough space to park two cars. The warm tones of the resin in ‘Spring Haze’ highlight the brickwork of the retaining walls and the drive is finished with an attractive edging of brick setts where it meets the pavement.

7 Reasons to Choose Resin

  • It is a versatile and hard wearing material ideal for driveways, paths and patios.
  • It is a good way to break up other surfaces within a garden and add interest.
  • It comes in a wide choice of colours and colours can be blended to make a bespoke colour just for your garden, plus it comes with a lifetime colour lock guarantee.
  • It has a porous structure and its permeability means that it is SuDS compliant.
  • It can be applied to any size and gradient.
  • It can be laid on top of suitable bases such as concrete and tarmac.
  • It is weed and slip resistant and there is no loose gravel!

7 Reasons to Choose ALDA as your Resin Installer in Reading, Newbury and the wider Berkshire area

  • We lay some of the highest quality resin on the market, supplied by leading resin suppliers, the Resin Mill.
  • We install Resin Bound Gravel (as opposed to Resin Bonded Gravel) – more hard wearing, durable and long lasting. You can read about the differences between Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Gravel in our earlier Resin post here.
  • We are a well-respected garden design company – we don’t just chuck resin down, we ensure it’s properly incorporated into a well-designed space.
  • We’re experts in garden drainage solutions – although Resin is porous, drainage is often an important consideration in a wider garden design.
  • We have a highly skilled in-house team who lay all our resin – we don’t use third party contractors!
  • We pride ourselves on our attention to detail – it’s the little things (jointing, drainage, levels…) that make the difference.
  • We’ve been an accredited Resin installer since 2018.

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