Curved lines transform a garden in Thatcham

ALDA in Action

The brief for one of our latest projects involved creating a beautiful garden that would make the most of every available space, overcoming the shallow and sloping nature of the plot. Our designer Katie Thomas was able to achieve stunning results by crafting curved lines into the design and using a variety of materials to provide interest.

How we did it

  • To accommodate the slope away from the house and give more depth and interest, the garden has been excavated to create three new levels: the top patio along the back of the house, the middle lawn area and the sunken paved seating area at the bottom. Steps down from each level provide access onto the next, achieved by constructing low brick retaining walls using rose coloured bricks to match those of the house.
  • To create the visual impression of a wider garden we laid a circular shaped lawn as a feature to draw the eye in and then out to the other areas of the garden such as the complimentary curved pathways in brick and limestone shingle, and the curved outline of the main patio.

Before & After

It’s the little things…

The transformation is not only about the design; it’s also in the detail and quality of the hard landscaping:

  • The beautiful curved overhang edge of the main patio adds interest and mirrors the outline of the lawn below. It was constructed using sawn Sandstone pavers in ‘Raj Green’. The smooth curve was achieved using a diamond tip cutter.
  • Clever use of different textured and coloured materials plays an important part in the transformation. The rose cottage coloured clay pavers for two of the paths around the lawn provide a stunning contrast to the grey limestone shingle path and inject some colour into the garden.
  • We laid an area of matching Sandstone paving as an attractive base for the washing line and also installed a paved recessed man hole cover in this area to replace the existing one.
  • We built a beautiful curved brick bench with a Sandstone paved seat in the bottom level of the garden. It is the perfect place to enjoy some shade and privacy with the new trees close by.
  • The construction of a 5ft high shutter screen in the hit and miss pattern provides an attractive way to hide the bins from view.

With new plants bedded in last week, the garden is complete and our client has been making good use of it during this spell of warm weather!

And for the record…

A few ‘Work in Progress’ photos:

Like what you see?

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