Tackling a garden with a sloping back corner

ALDA in Action

Making the most of a garden with a sloping back corner in West Ilsley – our first project after the Christmas break: 

Before work starts

  • Our client’s garden is not making the most of the available space.
  • Vegetation, trees and the existing lawn need removing.
  • There is no permanent back fence providing privacy from the neighbour’s property and their shed is a focal point in our client’s outlook down the garden.

What we did

  • Two distinct levels have been created providing a larger level area for the new lawn and an upper level where new planting will become a focal point.
  • The first step to achieve a level lawn was to excavate soil from the lower part of the garden and to transfer it to the top level to build up this area.
  • A retaining wall using softwood treated planed and bevelled edge sleepers 100 x 200mm in size has been constructed.  The sleepers which are concreted into the ground have been installed in a vertical fashion complementing the new fence behind them. We made sure to insert a damp proof polythene membrane directly behind the sleepers to ensure longevity of the timber with a layer of 20mm shingle installed next to provide good drainage.
  • New steps with brick risers and Sandstone tops have been constructed in the centre of the wall to allow easy access to the upper level.
  • There is now a perfect spot for our client’s new shed along the right boundary and the installation of a new closeboard panel fence across the back of the garden screens from view the neighbours garden and shed.
  • A new lawn has been laid from quality seeded turf making the lower level of the garden feel more spacious than before.

The result

Katie’s simple but effective design has opened up our client’s garden providing a feeling of more space and areas with function, as well as privacy from the neighbours.  The new planting once in will give the garden more interest and focal points. 

Like what you see?

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