Transform Your Patio In Time For Summer

Over time patios can take a battering from all thats thrown at them - the weather, general wear and tear and aging can end up leaving them looking old and rather grimey. So thats when you need a new patio isn't it? Well maybe, but also maybe not!

ALDA in Action

If your patio is made of good qualtiy materials, sometimes all it takes is a good clean and re-pointing of the joints to bring it back to life. And that is exactly what we did for a client in Curridge. The results speak for themselves.

Lets have a peek at these before and after sliders… The ‘before’ photos show an area of limestone paving that feels neglected, with moss and vegetation pushing up around the joints. The paving has become badly discoloured and weathered over time and does not make for an attractive spot for our client to use as a place for sitting and entertaining.

On first sight of the ‘after’ photos, its easy to be tricked into thinking we’ve laid a brand new patio. But in fact, all we have done is simply given the whole patio a thoroughly good clean and then carefully re-laid it. By re-using and making the most of existing materials, our client has effectively got a new patio… but without the expense of buying new paving.

What We Did

Take a look at the steps we took to transform this patio:

The first job was to take up all the paving slabs, including the steps up the bank on the left side, and set them to one side ready to be re-laid. 

They were then given a thorough clean using a jet wash, revealing the wonderful warm yellow tones that had been hiding under all the grime.

Next, the paving was re-laid by the team and given its finished look by filling in the joints with jointing compound, in this case we used the product Rompox.

By not re-laying the brick paving at the edges of the steps and the inlays in the original patio, it has resulted in a more cohesive and clean-cut appearance to the patio, making it appear larger.

The surface of the patio did not require sealing, as limestone is a natural stone and just needs regular cleaning to keep it looking in good condition.

As a finishing touch we also jet washed the timber garden furniture and benches along the side of the house, adding to the area’s smart refresh.

The Result

So here it is, our client now has a welcoming space to enjoy over the coming summer months, but without the expense of purchasing new paving. The smart look of the patio transforms the overall appearance of this attractive period property, giving it a clean and modern finish.

If you’re looking for some advice on your patio and are thinking of a similar refresh, please do get in touch, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Like what you see?

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