A Beautiful New Frontage For a Sloping Front Garden in Pangbourne

Our latest project was to design and build a new modern approach to this stunning property in Pangbourne. The new steps, raised beds and rendererd walls blend effortlessly with the house and garden.

ALDA in Action

Our Client’s Brief:

  • To create a beautiful modern look to the front of their property which will be designed around a new series of limestone paving steps, retaining walls and raised beds. The new steps must provide a safer access to the property than the existing steep ones which are a potential hazard. 

What We Did:

Getting the Foundations Right

Due to the steep slope we had to make sure that adequate foundations were laid to support the new retaining walls either side of the steps.  The walls were built on top of concrete footings and constructed using concrete blocks which were then rendered in a colour to match the outside of the house.

Weep holes were installed in the raised beds to ensure good drainage.

The Result:

Our clients are very happy with their new front garden. As well as enhancing their property through the new landscaping features, Katie’s design has provided them with a practical and easy to maintain space.

The Garden is Opened Up

The front garden has been improved just by opening up the steps area and clearing the bushes and plants which were previously blocking the view to the property.

There is now a clear sight line to the front door from the drive and the steps now form part of the house entrance.

Good sized planting beds offer lots of options for future planting.

Beautiful and Safe Paved Steps

The beautiful ‘honey’ limestone paved steps with ‘mint’ sandstone brick risers now provide an attractive and direct approach to the front door.  They are shallower and therefore much safer for our client to use.

Rendered Walls Complement the House

The rendered walls match the outside of the house so much that they look like they have always been there and create the contemporary look our clients were after.

As a clever design touch, the deep curved outline in the lower front raised bed echos the brick arches above the property’s windows.

Before and After:

Take a look at these before and after sliders to see what a difference the new front garden has made:

Like what you see?

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