Paving Comparison: Limestone

Natural limestone has been a key building material throughout the ages and used all over the world – even the Egyptian pyramids are made from this stone.

What does it look like?

Photos of limestone paving used in gardens designed by ALDA Landscapes.


Visually appealing limestone has a less riven texture than Sandstone. One of its attractions as a paving product is its strength and durability – it isn’t as porous for example as its Sandstone competitor.

Surface Finish

Limestone paving comes in three types of surface finish:

  • in a hand cut finish
  • in a tumbled surface finish and edges
  • in a honed or sawn surface finish and edges

The tumbled finish is probably considered to be most suited in a more traditional garden design whereas the sawn surface finish is perfect in providing a modern clean cut look in a contemporary garden.  This is particularly true of the ‘black sawn edge’ limestone paving, once laid it immediately creates a striking modern look to a garden design.


Limestone Paving Colours - Reduced

Limestone paving comes in a variety of colours for example:

  • Cotswold Yellow limestone
  • Antique Yellow limestone
  • Kota Blue limestone (see photo top right)
  • Black Sawn Edge limestone

(All the above can be sourced from Nigel Belcher – our main supplier of paving).


If low maintenance is a high priority for you when choosing paving for your patio, limestone would be a good choice.  As previously mentioned its natural strength and low porous characteristics keep it looking good throughout the years.


For all its qualities limestone is generally considered to be a reasonably priced paving product – however it is usually more expensive than Indian Sandstone.


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