Paving Comparison: Slate

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Like sandstone and limestone, slate is a natural stone which has been used for hundreds of years as a building material due to its durable nature and striking appearance.  Often used as a flooring product inside the home, slate paving can be laid internally and externally so providing a smooth transition from home to garden.

What does it look like?

Photos of slate paving used in a garden designed by Alda Landscapes.


Known for its dramatic and contrasting look, most slate paving comes in the darker shades of various blacks such as blue-black.  However other options are available such as ‘copper slate’ which as its name suggests has a striking combination of blues, beiges, browns and golds running through the paving.


Compared to some other paving products slate is normally associated with the colour black with other colours such as blue or green trending through the stone. This is why it is considered to be one of the best choices to use in a contemporary garden as it compliments so well a modern design.   However as previously mentioned it also comes in multi-coloured shades such as the ‘copper slate’ (the latter can be sourced through Peppard Building Supplies of Reading 0118 972 2028).


Slate paving is an attractive option for a patio due to its hardwearing nature.  To add to its longevity a protective sealant can be applied once the paving has been laid.


When it comes to cost slate paving is comparatively expensive – for example it is normally a third more than Sandstone paving.  However for many it’s distinctive look more than makes up for its higher price tag.


Like what you see?

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