A garden swing seat proves to be just the thing…

ALDA in Action

… at ALDA Landscapes’ latest design project in Finchampstead.

Our client had already purchased the wooden lattice swing seat online (see link at the end of this post), and it was down to us to construct a strong enough pergola frame from which it could safely hang. As it is quite a large seat this meant taking into account the weight of up to 3 or even 4 people.

Following Alison’s design, Andy and Brett – two members of the ALDA landscaping team – got to work constructing the pergola frame:

  • First four wooden posts were cut to size and concreted into excavated holes in the ground. These pressure treated posts were 5” by 5”, so sturdy enough to weight bear but not appearing too large to distract from the appearance of the pergola.
  • The next step was to cut to size the two main crossbeams which are positioned along the top of the pergola’s frame. They slot neatly into the notches that have been made in the four vertical posts.  These beams are 6” by 2” to again maximise the strength of the frame.
  • Seven shorter crossbeams are cut to shape and placed horizontally along the two main crossbeams. Notches were cut into both ends of the beams to ensure that they fitted snugly on top of the two main crossbeams.
  • Diagonal lines at both ends of the crossbeams were also cut to create an attractive and uniform finish.

The look of the new swing seat was completed by laying an area of Indian ‘Buff’ Sandstone paving underneath the pergola. The new swing seat, positioned halfway down this expansive garden, provides an area of interest and enables our client to view their garden from many different angles. Soon the garden beds will be full of life with plants from Alison’s design!

The swing seat was sourced online from a company called Pepe: www.pepegarden.co.uk.

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