A year in the life of a new small garden

It’s amazing how quickly a new garden can bed in and come to life! One of our clients kindly sent us some photos of her new garden at various stages throughout the year. They give a good insight into what you can expect in the first year of a new garden (or to be precise, 9 months in this case!)

As with most small gardens, the challenge was to fit everything in, whilst maintaining a good sense of space and flow. It’s a bit of an art form, and though I say it myself, I think we achieved our goal pretty well here! The garden features several intimate seating areas, and yet doesn’t feel at all cramped. We completed the hard landscaping of the garden just before Christmas last year, and then planted the garden up in Spring.

But before you see the pretty photos… here’s how it looked when we first started! (click on the thumbnails for full size photos)

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