A twist on a garden shed…

ALDA in Action

The brief from our client:

  • To build an outside bar within the confines of an attractive bespoke shed, which could also house BBQ equipment when not in use.
  • The bespoke shed should fit neatly into the garden and not stand out too much.
  • A fold-away table should be incorporated, to allow food and drinks to be served.

The result:

We constructed the shed using shiplap softwood treated timber. Bearing in mind the requirement for it to fit neatly into the garden and not stand out too much, the shed was constructed to be fairly small – 2 metres wide and 1.2 deep, and sits snug to the fence. Shelves were built to hold those all important bottles and BBQ equipment, not only along the walls of the shed but also on the inside of the doors to maximise storage space.

As per our client’s brief the bespoke shed / bar area sits snug to the fence and blends into the rest of the garden.


The completed bespoke shed reveals plenty of handy shelves. The addition of a mirror along the back wall was a clever idea to make the space inside feel bigger and lighter. Another extra design feature was to lay the same grey paving slabs inside the bar area as those laid for the existing patio area so the bar feels part of the garden.


This photo shows the hardwood ply fold-away table that our client will use to serve food and drinks from. The table was built from 18mm hardwood ply and attached to the inside of one of the shed’s doors for neat storage.


For when the bar area is not in use, we incorporated 3 tiers of flower boxes on the outside of the each of the shed doors. Each box has been lined and is ready for planting. These attractive flower boxes will help the bespoke shed blend in more easily with the rest of the garden.


Our client, who was away for most of the build, was very happy on their return to see the completed bar, and call it shed envy but I’m now tempted to find a space in my garden to build one too!

Like what you see?

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