A shutter screen trellis in Maidenhead

ALDA in Action

A shutter screen can be a good alternative to a more traditional looking trellis or fence line…

At our most recent design project in Maidenhead our client wanted us to install a modern effect shutter screen on top of their existing brick wall. This was to provide extra height as we had raised the ground level during landscaping works and it was important to our client to feel less over-looked by neighbouring properties. The photos below show the various stages of its construction.

This photo shows the existing brick wall before work has started on the new screen with neighbouring houses clearly in view.


The first steps are under way as the team fit 4” by 2” timber supports to the side of the brick piers for extra support at regular intervals along the wall.  We used 2” by 1” planed and rounded edged slats to build the screen – these make for a premium look and feel and all the timber is pressure treated against wood rot.

The slats were cut to size on site to fit the gaps between the timber supports.  They are mounted on the front and back in what is called a hit and miss effect – this arrangement allows for privacy and provides gaps between for light and a breeze to pass through.

At this stage the timber posts are yet to be cut flush with the screen as our client is undecided on how high they want the screen to be.


The shutter screen is now finished with its top line higher nearer the house to cut out the view of their neighbour’s conservatory, with the rest of the screen wall stepping down in line with the garden.  This results in using more slats the lower you descend from the house.


The view from the roadside showing the opposing side of the shutter screen which fulfils our client’s brief to install an attractive contemporary looking screen.


Another example of a shutter screen fence we built at a recent design project in Caversham.  Here it fits in perfectly with the modern look of the sunken garden. Again the slats were cut to size on site to create the tall bespoke fence our client wanted.

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