Before & After: Ultra Contemporary Family Garden

We’ve just published another featured project – this time an ultra contemporary family garden in Twyford. The brief was to turn a standard modern small wide & shallow garden into a contemporary showstopper – but still with plenty of lawn for play.

Note the simple structure, very clean lines, and the close attention to detail in the shutter screen, water feature, fire pit, lighting, pizza oven, furniture, parasol, planting etc. Design lesson: simplicity works, but isn’t always easy to achieve – every little detail matters – from the lines of symmetry in the structure, to the location of the parasol, and the routing of the gas pipe for fire pit! Get everything right and the result is stunning.

Here’s the transformation (apologies for the fuzzy ‘before’ photos – it was a drizzly, dark morning and the camera didn’t like it!):

See more ‘after’ photos on the project page here.

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