A stunning curved seat makes a real statement piece…

Update 9/12/2019: See new photos showing the newly laid lawn below.

Things are taking shape at our recent design project in Earley, with the construction of this long curved built-in brick seat. The idea for the seat came from our in-house designer Katie Thomas. It cleverly combines the provision of an attractive focal point, as well as providing a practical solution for seating on the new black Sandstone paved terrace.

The seat follows the curved line of the wall in the courtyard garden and is constructed by building a lower brick wall inside the main retaining wall. The gap between the two is filled in with rubble and concrete. The seat is then finished by laying a topping of black Indian Sandstone pavers to match those used in the rest of the garden. Each slab has to be individually cut to shape to achieve the smooth curved outline.

The finished article is a good example of how sometimes the best design ideas are not complicated in nature but can be achieved through good quality materials, a skilled workforce and of course, a talented designer!

Update 9th December 2019

A few more photos now we’ve finished laying the lawn:

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