Patio Design: Frequently Asked Questions

At this time of year, we have a stream of enquiries flooding in! We get lots of questions about paving and patios; this post provides answers to some of the most frequently asked...

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At this time of year with spring and summer on the horizon, we have a stream of enquiries flooding in and nearly all of them – whether the garden in question is small, medium or large – will feature paving and patio areas as crucial elements in the design.

Here’s our list of the most frequently asked questions on paving and patio design, followed by examples of different paving materials/colours (all ALDA gardens!). You might also like to read our Patio Design Guide – a comprehensive post on things to consider when designing a new patio.

Paving Materials & Colours

Porcelain | Limestone | Sandstone | Paving Drainage

Below you’ll find a selection of photos of patios we’ve installed in different materials/colour combinations. You can see a lot of these on display at Nigel Belcher’s Curridge (Thatcham, Berkshire) showroom. Call 01635 202700 or visit

Porcelain Paving Photos

Limestone Paving Photos

Sandstone Paving Photos

Paving Drainage Photos

Like what you see?

From planning a new border to a complete garden remodel, we pride ourselves on transforming ideas into beautiful reality, with minimum disruption. If you’re based in or around the Reading and Newbury area, we’d love to meet and discuss your project in detail – book your free no-obligation garden consultation today. We do get pretty booked up, particularly during the Spring, so plan ahead if possible!