A New Approach to a Beautiful Period Property in Curridge

This month we have been busy landscaping a new approach to this lovely period property in Curridge.

ALDA in Action

Our clients’ home was calling out for a more attractive entrance from the driveway up to their impressive timber arched door. The existing series of shallow steps and the tired looking paving were not doing justice to the outside of the house and were in need of some updating.

So before we go any further, lets have a peek at these before and after sliders… You will see that quite a transformation has taken place!

Key Features of the Design:

The design sits neatly and seamlessly with the style of the property, and whilst retaining it’s traditional charm, it also provides a smart update. There are some clever features at play here, which make the project a real success.

We did away with the need for a long series of shallow steps as the main approach to the house. We did this by breaking up the levels and creating landing areas between the new more compact series of steps. The new terraced look adds interest and depth to this part of the garden and means that our client now has only two series of steps to negotiate.

We incorporated a motif brick square on each of the three landings, with the smallest at the bottom nearest the drive, followed by a larger one at the next level and then an even more generous square inside the porch area by the front door. These detailed brickwork features complement the period feel of the house and help to link the design together. Each square is made up of clay brick pavers laid in a pattern of alternating horizontal and vertical lines with a matching finishing brick edging to define the outline of each landing.

We installed six raised brick planting beds along the edges of the steps – another feature to the design which will provide form and colour once the plants go in this week.

We used traditional bricks to complement the style of the property, and warm honey toned tumbled limestone paving for the new landings and pathways, which give the property a smart new update.

A semi-circle apron of paving at the bottom of the approach with a clay brick edging provides interest to the start of the approach and contrasts with the use of squares in the rest of the design.

We installed an impressively long curved brick retaining wall against the main lawn. It runs from the top landing down to and along the edge of the driveway, enclosing the new landscaping and linking the new design to the outbuildings located opposite.

More driveway has been created by removing the area of old paving close to where the new brick retaining wall now stands.

Like what you see?

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