A Quick Look At Lawn Shape

Whilst you might not always notice it, your lawn shape can greatly affect the look and feel of your garden. From tranquil curves to smart and formal geometric shapes, there's an array of options to consider.

Lawns, Plan Your Garden

For most people, having a lawn is an essential criterion for creating a beautiful garden design and in the vast majority of cases, a lawn is the perfect addition to a garden.

As a general rule of thumb, a pleasing design is made up of one third planting and two thirds space, which includes lawn, seating areas and paths. Because of this, the shape of a lawn plays an important role, influencing the design and how we engage with the garden as a whole.

How does lawn shape affect your garden?

Your choice of shape will really affect the look and feel of your garden, so it’s an important decision – one you’ll want to get right! Lets have a look at these examples…


Curved outlines create a tranquil, peaceful effect and we feel invited to meander and explore. Curves are also seen as more natural shapes and so curved lawns help soften the edges of a garden and blend one element into the next.

Large lawns can benefit from using generous, sweeping curves. The key to a successful curvy design is to use large, full curves rather than small ones. Small, complex curves can make the space look too busy and can be very difficult to maintain.

Geometric Shapes

Strongly geometric lines, such as squares, or rectangles can give a sense of importance to a garden. They are often associated with formality and they create a very visually neat space. One important consideration when using straight lines is that lines should be placed at 45 or 90 degrees to the house.

A circular lawn has a strong geometric shape whilst also giving a softer feel to a design. In addition, circles are often used to add a focal point and can work particularly well in small spaces. Circles can also be used in a long space by linking several together to create visual interest.

In large spaces a narrow strip of lawn can act as a pathway, inviting exploration and drawing our gaze to a distant object or horizon. Alternatively, it can act as a sight line, creating a vista to a focal point.

Informal Shapes

Gently flowing lines have a soothing effect on the eye and the mind and fit well with an informal garden. This style of lawn is often created when you allow the shade of surrounding trees to influence the shape of the lawn. The use of an informal shape can also create illusion by not allowing the eye to see the whole of the lawn at once, drawing you through the garden and making the garden feel larger. This style of lawn works particular well in a very large garden or in a garden with a rural setting.

Like what you see?

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