New Planting for a Garden in Hermitage

Here's our latest update on a new garden in Hermitage. Now that spring has arrived, we've been able to get planting! We've put in a variety of shrubs, trees and herbaceous perennials - all taken from Katie our designer's planting plan. This will bring the garden to life in the summer and in the coming years ahead.

ALDA in Action

Our post back in February, Transforming a ‘Blank Canvas’ into a Garden with Purpose and Style in Hermitage, showed how we transformed a garden which was mainly laid to lawn, into a muti-functional space with zoned areas for sitting and playing, all linked by curved patios and beds.

We finished the hard landscaping back in December and our clients have been waiting patiently for spring to come so we could start planting. Now the plants are in, we’re really pleased with the results…

The Garden:

Planting up the Terraced Beds

With the chance of frosts now slim, this is the perfect time of year for new planting. It took the team two days to complete due to the large size of the beds and the multitude of plants needed.

Changing Colour and Structure

The plants are already giving colour and structure to the garden, but this will dramatically improve over the next couple of months as they grow and spread out through the beds.

We are looking forward to re-visiting the garden in a few months to see how the plants are growing.

A Natural Play Area

The finishing touch at the bottom of the garden was to place some sawn tree trunks dotted around in the play bark ready for the grandchildren to enjoy.

As the planting grows up, this will create a fun and imaginative natural play area.

The Plants:

Here are a few of the many plants that Katie Thomas, our designer chose to use in the garden. They have a wide season of interest, and once established they will bring structure to the garden, as well as changing colour and texture throughout the year.

Plants:  Salvia nemorosa Caradonna, Hylotelephium Purple Emperor, Penstemon Garnet, Fuchsia Tom Thumb, Lavandula ang. Mumstead, Verbena bonariensis, Kniphofia Tawny King Crocosmia Twlight Fariy Crimson, Monorda Fireball, Acer palmatum Orange Dream, Helleborus hybridus, Daphne Perfume Princess.

Trees: Prunus Amanogawa, Sorbus aucuparia, Prunus avium plena, Magnolia stellata.

Before and After:

Take a look at this updated before and after slider to see the changes that have taken place since the project began:

Katie Thomas, our designer will be back to visit the garden over the summer to see for herself how the plants have established themselves and the impact her planting design makes. She will of course take more photos which we are looking forward to sharing with you. Watch this space!

Photo Credits:

Photo by Amber Wolfe on Unsplash; “Magnolia stellata” by Irene Grassi (sun sand & sea) is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0; Hylotelephium Purple Emperor; “Echter Lavendel (Lavandula angustifolia)” by blumenbiene is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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