A Beautiful Contemporary Garden in Hungerford

Our latest project was this interesting split level garden in Hungerford. Modern materials and clever design take into account of the sun's position in the sky to create a relaxing and contemporary garden.

ALDA in Action

Our Client’s Brief:

  • To create a contemporary and low maintenance garden that makes better use of the split level and the sun’s position as it moves throughout the day.

What Made This Design a Success:

Choosing the Right Materials

The contemporary Modena Silver porcelain paving replaces the existing yellow concrete slabs and has been used for the new steps to tie the whole design together.  Matching silver composite deck boards have been used for the built-in seat on the lower level and for the seat bench which sits snugly into the brick retaining bed on the upper level. The striking contrast of the paving against the red brick walls and planting beds, stops the grey from taking over.

Replacing the Old Railings with Ultra-Modern Glass

The existing out of date black railings have been replaced with an ultramodern looking glass balustrading with aluminium fittings.  The effect of the glass not only adds to the streamlined look of the garden but also provides a clear view of the garden from inside the house.

New Steps Become a Focal Point

Previously the steps had been located on one side with a high retaining wall blocking our client’s outlook. Now there is a symmetry in the design with access gained on both sides leading you naturally up to the upper level.   Built in spot lights sunk into the porcelain tops of the steps also create a modern finish.

Minimalist and Structural Planting Creates Impact

The planting adds to the contemporary feel of the garden. Structural planting creates interesting shapes and shadows against the walls. Planting is also low maintenance, as required by the brief. The restricted plant colour palette works well with white flowering plants popping out against the silver and red tones of the landscaping materials.

High Maintenance Lawn is Replaced with a Neat Artificial lawn

An artificial lawn isn’t to everyone’s taste but in a small corner of the upper level it provides a neat and inviting area of interest for a sun lounger. It also has the added bonus of providing an area of low maintenance year-round green to the garden.

The Result:

The result is a very modern garden bursting with design ideas and detailed landscaping. The glass balustrading opens up the view from the house so the whole garden can be enjoyed. The focal point steps are an invitation to move through the garden to different areas where our client can sit and enjoy the sun as it moves throughout the day. The whole garden has a contemporary finish and is very low maintenace.

Before and After:

Take a look at this before and after slider to see what a difference the new garden design has made:

Like what you see?

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