Disguising Sheds, Wheelie Bins, Trampolines and More – Some Ideas

Timber storeA good garden design should not only be beautiful, it should also be practical.  And practical inevitably means disguising those ugly wheelie bins, the trampoline, the garden shed, or other unsightly garden objects!

Particularly in small gardens, this can be a challenge, but here are a few tips to consider:

  • Everyone tends to locate their shed at the bottom of the garden, where the eye is immediately drawn to it.  If practical, consider siting the shed nearer the house so that you look beyond the shed to something more aesthetically pleasing.  It also means you don’t have to walk as far…
  • Sliding screen planterConsider access – it’s all very well hiding those wheelie bins away, but remember they need putting out each week!  In one of our recent garden designs we build a bespoke sliding planter – good screening but easy access too.
  • Rather than always using trellis as a screen (nice as it is), think about using plants.  Perhaps a variety of evergreen shrubs planted to achieve a mixed and varied foliage tapestry.
  • Not all screening needs to be immediately in front of the object to be hidden.  Think of staggering plants, trellis etc, and of bringing these closer to where you will be sitting – the screening plant won’t have to be as tall then.
  • Is it feasible to sink the trampoline?
  • If you don’t want your neighbours to be able to see your kitchen, patio etc, consider using lollipop evergreen trees.  Or perhaps a pergola, or some form of timber building which will provide screening and be useful and attractive in its own right.
  • Rather than focus entirely on screening, it might be more productive to do things within the garden which will divert the eye away from the unsightly shed.  For example, re-shaping the lawn or adding a feature or two.
  • Consider building (or commissioning) a bespoke structure to hide your wheelie bins (or whatever else it is that needs hiding!).  That way, the materials and dimensions can be chosen to fit with the existing surroundings.  (See our bespoke timber buildings blog post for some examples).


If you need bespoke design advice – whether concerning disguising wheelie bins or not! – please do get in touch, call 0118 934 2958.


2 thoughts on “Disguising Sheds, Wheelie Bins, Trampolines and More – Some Ideas

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Regarding your post from 29th May 2013 for disguising wheelie bins and sheds, I was wondering if you knew where I could get the wooden planter from (with a fence panel and trellis at the top) like the picture you feature with the article? All the planters I can find online and in garden centres come with just a trellis back only. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for any help you can offer. Kind regards, Jessica Aldridge. (Marlborough)

    1. Hi Jessica – thanks for your comment. The sliding planter/fence panel/trellis was a bespoke design, custom-built for one of our clients. So I’m afraid not available for purchase! Do contact us if you’d like to commission something similar.

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